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Creep Craze Handbag

Creep Craze Handbag

SKU: D2912852

Unveil a captivating edge to your fashion statement with our Gothic Purse, featuring exquisite Victorian spider detail. Meticulously crafted to reflect a perfect balance of dark allure and intricate detailing, this purse adds a touch of macabre sophistication to your wardrobe. Embrace the mystique of the night as you carry this uniquely designed accessory.



Dimensions: 9.45"(L) x 3.54"(W) x 8.27"(H)
Made from High-grade PU leather
Lined interior features backwall zippered
Single zippered top closure
Double handles, removable and adjustable shoulder strap




  • Print on Demand

    Here at Rustic Bones, we're excited to share the eco-friendly magic behind our products – they're crafted through the sustainable Print on Demand (POD) process. What makes this special? Each item is created just for you when you place an order, ensuring that your purchase is uniquely tailored to your preferences. While this commitment to customization and sustainability is at the core of our values, please note that sometimes shipping may take slightly longer due to the personalized creation process.

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