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Sometimes presets require more than just applying the filter. Here are some important tips to help make your photographs look its best:

Tip 1: White Balance

You will most likely need to edit the white balance on your image after you apply the preset. This can make a huge difference.

How to edit white balance:


Go to Color in the bottom toolbar. When you click on it you will see the option to change "Temp" and "Tint." Play around with both of these until it looks correct. 



Open image up in Lightroom, and after applying preset find "White Balance" in the right hand toolbar (under Develop). Play around with "Temp" and "Tint" until it looks correct.
Tip 2: Exposure

If your image looks too bright or too dark after applying the preset, try editing exposure. It's an easy fix!


Go to "Light" in the bottom toolbar. Play with the exposure tool until it looks correct. 




Under "Develop" go under "Basic." Find the exposure tool and play around with it until it looks correct. 

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