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Algiz Baggy Embroidered Rune Tee

Algiz Baggy Embroidered Rune Tee


Bring some extra spiritual protection into your life with our Algiz Baggy Embroidered Rune Tee, a fusion of timeless symbols and modern elegance. The front features meticulously embroidered antlers cradling a crescent moon, creating a visually striking design. The Algiz rune on the sleeve adds a touch of mystique, symbolizing protection and spiritual connection.

What is the Algiz Rune?
The Algiz rune, also known as "Elhaz" or "Eolh," is an ancient runic symbol with historical roots in runic alphabets, including the Elder Futhark. It has been used in various Germanic languages and cultures, including Norse and Anglo-Saxon traditions.

The primary significance of the Algiz rune is associated with protection and defense. Its shape, resembling an upright trident or a branching tree, has been interpreted as a symbol of a defensive barrier or a shield.

• 100% carded cotton
• Fabric weight: 7.1 oz. /yd. ² (201.28 g/m²)
• Garment-dyed, pre-shrunk fabric

• Faded black color
• Boxy, oversized fit
• Dropped shoulders
• Wide neck ribbing
• Tear-away label

  • Print on Demand

    Here at Rustic Bones, we're excited to share the eco-friendly magic behind our products – they're crafted through the sustainable Print on Demand (POD) process. What makes this special? Each item is created just for you when you place an order, ensuring that your purchase is uniquely tailored to your preferences. While this commitment to customization and sustainability is at the core of our values, please note that sometimes shipping may take slightly longer due to the personalized creation process.

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